Beyond the Horizon Corporation

The Beyond the Horizon Corporation was established to continue the mission of Camp Horizon – a summer camp for pediatric oncology patients and their siblings in the middle Tennessee area.  Campers and their siblings each attend Camp Horizon for a separate week, at no cost to their families.

Since 1983 the American Cancer Society has provided the funds for this camp to take place at the Bethany Hills campground outside of Nashville, TN.  In 2014 the American Cancer Society will no longer allocate funds to support Camp Horizon or any other camps for pediatric oncology patients, instead directing their funds to cancer research.

While the Beyond the Horizon Corporation fully supports the American Cancer Society and their part in the mission to cure cancer, we feel Camp Horizon still plays a valuable role in a cancer patient’s healing process.  That is why the Beyond the Horizon Corporation and their board will continue the mission of both raising the funds and hosting Camp Horizon.

The board consists of five members who are all long-term volunteers at Camp Horizon and its siblings’ camp.  Two of the members, Russell Tyree and Joel Alsup, have attended Camp Horizon as campers, counselors-in-training and counselors for more than 20 years each.

Board president Tyree says, “I have attended Camp Horizon for more than 20 years and close to 30 weeks, and I know what camp means to a child who has battled cancer. I have been the camper that has received the benefit of friendship and hope that Camp Horizon provides.  I have also been part of the staff and seen children who struggle to adapt to everyday life not only fit in but excel at Camp Horizon because they feel part of something bigger. The children who come to camp truly have a place where they belong.  I believe the hope Camp Horizon provides is a major part of the healing process. The hope provides the little extra that chemo and radiation do not satisfy. One of my friend’s parents said this about the camp, ‘The hospital healed my child’s body, but Camp Horizon healed their soul.’  That is why I am going to work extremely hard to see that Camp Horizon continues for many years for those children who have, and will, battle cancer.”

Alsup, who serves as treasurer, says “After losing my arm to bone cancer as an 8-year-old, I struggled to tell other kids what happened to me, but at camp, no one ever questioned me about my arm.  Camp Horizon really gave me confidence in myself and helped me understand that I was not going to be defined by my cancer or my amputation.  I hope by continuing Camp Horizon we can help young cancer patients gain that same confidence and have experiences they’ll remember the rest of their lives.”

We hope that you will join us in our mission of continuing Camp Horizon.  Your support can truly change a child’s life.


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